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We Provide Know-How, Research, Guidance, Content and Strategies…

That will Transform your Presence,

Generate Leads, and Increase ROI.

LēD GĕN 3.0 believes that small business marketing is where the challenge and excitement resides. It is what we live for! But for small businesses, marketing challenges can be confounding. Small business is sometimes without the resources to refine approaches, assess the competition, or build the big picture. In small business, marketing can become the car in the driveway that doesn’t run anymore. If you are the type of business leader who is looking for actionable advice and a willing partner who will dig in and make something happen (and get that car fixed), then you are really going to love working with us. Learn More…

Talk is Cheap!

We’d like to start a conversation with you to learn about your objectives. And we won’t charge you for our initial time together! If you have already put together an RFP for your project, send it over and let’s reserve some time to talk. Do you just have a quick question? Drop us a note instead!

Web Era 3.0

The first great era of the Web was its commercialization, where large IT budgets ruled. The next great era saw the democratization of the web – we became the content creators through Social Media – big budgets didn’t matter anymore. LēD GĕN 3.0 believes we are in the next great era: validation and influence. We are in this third great era because we must filter the content lest we suffer from information overload (what some refer to as filter failure). We filter content based on the recommendations of our friends and online social communities. And we’re picky about the search results we click on, or who emails us. In the third great era of the web, businesses need a new approach to connect to customers and prospects.

Solution Packages

Create a process and a set of activities that aligns with your marketing objectives. Solution packages are built around Inbound Marketing concepts and can include coaching, content development, market research and more. We will help you to get found, get past the filters, convert visits and leads, and analyze the ROI of our efforts. We will make recommendations and help with the setup and implementation of marketing systems and tools. Because we believe in creating partnerships where knowledge is exchanged and objectives are stated, you can create the marketing initiatives that have eluded you in the past. The real benefit to you is that we will involve you and never ask you to “Throw it over the wall.” You get to decide how you want to scale.Learn More…

Special Projects

We love taking on challenging projects! We provide services such as in-depth market development research, marketing database development, competitive and trend assessments (quadrant based or SWOT), mind-mapping strategy development, SEO copywriting, social media marketing, content re-purposing/distribution and WordPress based site development. We believe in knowledge exchange, we don’t engage in fire and forget exercises. Instead we will work together, be engaged in discussions, offer presentations and provide collaborative online meetings. We are a willing partner available to solve problems, spearhead an initiative, implement a system, or to take on any of your special projects.Learn More…

Inbound Marketing Development

Creating Inbound Marketing Programs can be a little frustrating – we all tend to look for the light switch – there isn’t one. Instead, Inbound Marketing is a process (a set of activities). These activities include search optimization, social media engagement (i.e. blogging), lead nurturing, analysis, and measuring success. Along the way, we believe in creating content that utilizes marketing theories such as Feature Advantage Benefit Statements, Neuro Marketing concepts, and the Golden Circle theory, to engage your audience and create takeaway value. We can help your team to create an Inbound Marketing Program that is based on process and not on one time tactics. The real benefit? a Change in the way you market, effective engagement with your prospects, brand identity, and all those other good things that have been elusive and exhausting to create in the past. Learn More…

[LēD GĕN 3.0's] …knowledge is deep and transcends both business consulting and SEO. I recommend [LēD GĕN 3.0] highly to those trying to figure out a new internet marketing strategy that really works.
Les Deck Consulting, LLC

[LēD GĕN 3.0] …was instrumental in the strategy that led to significant revenue generation.
Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC

Mike Years will be an asset to any employer and I recommend him for any endeavor he chooses to pursue.
Todd Billings, CEO – Veriloquent Wealth Advisors, LLC